A few examples of short distance trips

Spy Game in BerlinSpy Game in Berlin

Spy Game in Berlin

Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of Berlin during the Cold War, the GDR and the Stasi. As a secret agency member you have to lead the investigation, gather the clues scattered across the city with the help of a road book and different means of transportation (taxis, bikes and trabant- a car used in Berlin before) This rally will make you discover the city and travel back to the past. The organizers will be dressed up in GDR police officers. Have a good time!



Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and the heiress of sumptuous feasts, which were setting the tempo in the annual calendar of the Double Monarchy of Austria and Hungary
In a refined musical setting (classical concert, ballet, chamber music, jazz…) your evening gala may take place in the sumptuous Orangery Schoenbrunn for a private concert where you will be driven in a horse-drawn carriage or in an ancient tramway from your hotel.

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