A few examples of short distance trips

Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Private boat cruise on the Neva river, operas, concerts and ballets at the Mariinsky, Alexandrinksy theatre or Mikhaïlovsk Opera; enjoy a cocktail or a dinner in a palace or at the Hermitage Museum or a private guided tour of a palace with entertainments and theme parties: choir, trio music, characters in period costumes, Cossack party or caviar in an izba; majestuous parties or candlelight dinners in a luxurious palace of St Petersburg or in one of the tsars’ summer residences…



Stop for a cultural and sportive break in one of the main cradles of European civilization where are located the «must see» historical sites, such as Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, and the Byzantine churches. Experience a treasure hunt on the sea or across the city to discover the wonders of Greece in a funny way and in a friendly atmosphere, a boat tour aboard a schooner from the various fabulous marinas, and finally, a typical evening in the famous Place area, two minutes walk from the Acropolis.

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