An expertise

Oreva welcomes you in France in the best conditions and also offers you the world as a destination…

An expertise

With 13 years of experience in the organization of corporate trips, corporate events and in the managements of VIP services, OREVA FRANCE offers you the world as a destination. We know all the destinations we offer, you just have to choose: China, South Africa, the United-States, Morocco, Latin America, Egypt, Great Britain, Ireland…

We are committed to respecting the environment and the world communities by offering eco-friendly products such as interdependent activities or services respecting sustainable development.

4 good reasons to trust us

• All the required insurance policies and guarantees,
• Travel Insurance, training policy, APS bank guarantee, liability insurance and all the financial guarantees,
• We conduct our business with passion,
• SNAV member.

5 fundamental points to organize your event

• Originality and creativity in the proposals,
• Drastic selection in the services providers and the locations,
• Highly qualified technical staff
• Respect for the timing in case of unexpected events
• A permanent search for innovation.

5 strategic points in our trips

• Constant support of the team,
• A single contact for the project,
• Adaptability and listening skills
• Tailored-made services
• Rapidity, flexibility and control of each detail.

10 characteristics of OREVA

• Particular attention paid to our customers,
• Accurate analysis of your needs
• Excellent knowledge of the French territory,
• Excellent knowledge of overseas destinations,
• Listening skills and advice,
• Detailed and illustrated proposals in less than 72 hours,
• A genuine competitiveness with no extra charges thanks to a preliminary negotiation framework,
• Guaranteed payments
• With more than 600 files per year, OREVA is one of the leading agencies in France
• Wherever you are from and whatever the language you speak, we will adapt to you.