Team Building : The playful activities

Oreva France helps you boost your next event with a selection of funny and original TEAM BUILDING activities.

Some examples of playful activities

Lipdub: A lip dub is a video clip where employees sing in playback at their workplace. These videos generally seek to demonstrate creativity and good mood prevailing in a team or a company. We invite you to realize a Lip dub during the party, which will finally be edited.

Chocolate Picture: With the help of a master chocolatier, a painter artist teaches the guests the art of painting with chocolate.  The participants are expected to develop their creativity and skills in a friendly, original and refined atmosphere. They are required to use their five senses and thanks to the creative experience of our artists, each of them approaches this delightfully innovative activity easily.

Wii & Play station Games: The guests are required to learn or improve their performance in the use of consoles through interactive gaming terminals.

Casino: Share your passion for gaming with all your guests in a challenging atmosphere with authentic gaming tables and Euro tokens for about 2 hours. Then, an auction led by a fictitious auctioneer will allow players to win lots of funny or commercial gifts.

Whiskey Tasting: Welcome to the Highlands to discover the huge variety of Scottish whiskeys. Accompanied by bagpipes, you will taste more than thirty single malt whiskeys chosen among the most famous ones.

Culinary activities: Oxygen bar, flower bar, bubbles bar, soups bar, molecular bar, smoothies bar, candies bar.

Speed painting: The speed painting taught by a speed painter consists in making portraits or murals in a record time (from about 4 to 5 minutes).

Cooking while singing: The band sings recipes and hundreds of people cook in rhythm. Amazing!

The chorus Office: A chorus master and choirmasters will greet the participants. After the traditional vocal warm-ups and vocal coaching, they will learn to sing in a choir. Listening skills, cohesion and enthusiasm will contribute to create a perfect harmony in the choir. This exercise is an outstanding way to relieve stress.

The Cooking Quiz: A Chef assisted by a coordinator invite you to discover the culinary art in a whacky way, by turning the kitchen into a games arena. A general knowledge quiz is followed by speed tests while cooking a starter.

Wine making: You will work in teams to make your own wine. You will have to choose your cabernet grape and your winery, and create your own label. Then it is time for blind tasting! Do you think you will make the award winning «Grand Cru» or «the Undrinkable Cheap wine»?

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