Team Building : The unusual activities

Oreva France helps you boost your next event with a selection of funny and original TEAM BUILDING activities.

Some examples of unusual activities

Treasure Hunt onboard of a zodiac on the river Seine: A statue of inestimable value was seen on one of the barges along the Seine. It has disappeared since it was stolen a week ago at the Louver Museum. We rely on you, the SFB (Special Fluvial Brigade) to collect the clues, track the thief and find the statue. The superintendent divides you into two teams, each on a Zodiac. To unmask the thief you must have a good power of observation and deduction…

Rally en 2CV: The itinerary follows the secrets places of Paris, full of unexpected anecdotes that made them so charming. Each team has a road book, a book travel and a Polaroid. Step by step, they answer questions related to culture, they collect clues and various information, and take pictures to solve the final riddle.
The event ends by an award ceremony.

The Great Reporters of Paris in Buggy: At the heart of the 7th and 15th districts of Paris, with all their monuments and narrow streets, you will drive fun and quite original vehicles: two-seater « buggies » fully licensed for road use and equipped with a150cv engine. You will be divided in teams of 3 to 4 buggies. Each team will have a road book entitled « The Great Reporters of Paris ».

GPS Rallies: The aim consists in discovering most of the must-see places of the city in a funny and original way. Equipped with flashers, each team will have to find the multi-digit codes hidden in different parts of the city.

Paris Sightseeing Tour with comedians: Our guide, Jean-Jacques de la Tour, tells us that he prepares a thesis on Nathaniel de Cantaussel, a man who supposedly died in the Passage Jouffroy in 1870 and whose murder has never been solved. Yet, during his investigation, Jean-Jacques de la Tour found new useful clues, and all the incriminating evidence was found in the stores of the Borrowed Passages. The suspicious circumstances surrounding that crime help set up a real interactive ‘paper chase’ game in which you will be involved…

Pedestrian rallies: Unique and unforgettable walks.

Oenological rallies: Discover the «Grands Crus» in a gastronomic tour in our regions.

Police investigations

The Detective Party: The Detective Party is a corporate role-play, which consists in solving a riddle invented by the organizers. Just like in a real police investigation, the teams try to solve the crime and find out the murderer or the thief among the suspects chosen in the company. The examination and the testimonies, which are the key tools of this game, are supplemented by diverse interludes bringing their own clues.

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